As a member of City Council I will work for you to make Rochester Strong by focusing on:

Strong Families

•Retain and draw residents to the city through high quality recreation & family programing

•Work with the School District to improve educational programs for youth and adults

•Expand job opportunities to engage youth in work and assist in academic improvement

Strong Neighborhoods

•Development-Identify needs of each neighborhood in partnership with community groups

•Safety- Develop neighborhood presence and relationships between police officers/

           firefighters and citizens

•Housing-Address issues with absentee landlords, bank owned, and zombie properties;

           increase grant programs to assist home-owners with maintenance

Strong Businesses

•Encourage small businesses and local ownership, carefully examine development projects 

           and balance need for housing with need for business to support those residents

•Identify and market toward national businesses to relocate or expand into Rochester

•Encourage programs to unemployed/under-employed in training for jobs


Rochester Strong: Strong Families, Strong neighborhoods, strong businesses

© 2017  Friends of Matt Juda